Identity overview

Improve security and user experience with flexible, passwordless authentication solutions. Let us build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.

Zalter Identity is an identity and authentication provider service based on signatures rather than tokens. It provides a very secure authentication system which protects your users even against Active Man In the Middle Attacks as well as protection for all the user requests ensuring that all of these requests do come from the intended user. Your users identity and security is our highest concern!

Identity flow overview

How does the authentication work?

Zalter Identity authentication works by generating and storing the user device or browser an asymmetric signature key pair. The public key is securely sent to Zalter. Once Zalter has the user public key, the user can sign any requests made to your servers. These service servers will be able to retrieve their public key from Zalter Identity service and check the user signature. This ensures that at any point during a user session, all of their requests are fully authenticated and non-repudiable.


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