Project setup

Learn how to set up and configure your Zalter project

1. Create a Zalter account

You first need to create a zalter account by authenticating in your Zalter Dashboard. By simply authenticating an account is automatically created.

2. Create an Organization

The root hierarchical node for the interaction with Zalter Services is an organization. During the on-boarding process you should be prompted to create one by assigning it a name.

Create an organization

3. Create a project

The project is a hierarchy node for you to better organize the data, users and other items belonging to an application or a set of application encompassing a single core idea. Users from one project do not conflict with the users from another project.

Create a project

4. Create a Service Account

The service account is an identity that has the rights necessary for your server to be able to request the public key of a user in the project it has been created in. The credential for this identity will be created in the browser, and it will never leave the browser over the network. The public key for it, is the only part that gets sent to Zalter. You should make sure to keep this credential safe and private.

Create a service account

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